Marion Tränkle

I work in the field of performance art, integrating electronics into scenographies for stages.

My visual scenarios deliberately negotiate the constructive tension between the carefully constructed and generative processes, between risk and responsibility, and between autonomous performance and human intervention.

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SEE ME NOW @ Panopticum and former prison in Haarlem - Architectural Healing,

SEE ME NOW @ Panopticum and former prison in Haarlem – Architectural Healing,

November 9, 2018

Ivo Bol and I made a performance with sound, light and movement in a special location: The cupola and former prison in the city center of Haarlem. The project is part of the art manifestation “Architectural Healing”, organized by Cityscape Foundation.

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BLINK..and sync @ Electronic Extravaganza Festival 2018

BLINK..and sync @ Electronic Extravaganza Festival 2018

October 11, 2018

The Performance collective “NOW” (Ivo Bol, Marion Tränkle, Roos van Berkel) presents new work, the EEG performance “BLINK …and sync” at Electronic Extravaganza Festival 2018 .

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Open call: workshop "What-if-then" @ WE LIVE HERE Amsterdam

Open call: workshop “What-if-then” @ WE LIVE HERE Amsterdam

July 9-13, 2018

At this year’s WE LIVE HERE Summer Academy in Amsterdam Orion Maxted and I will lead the lab , What-If-Then were we research how technology and the combination of simple rules can build complex participatory performance strategies. If you are interested to participate apply before 24 June 2018.

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(un)focussed @ Nuis des Lampions

(un)focussed @ Nuis des Lampions

Sept 23, 2017

The EEG choreography “(un)focussed” is presented at the Nuit des Lampions festival in Luxemburg. This is our first open air performance.


Location: 8 rue de la Montagne, Luxemburg-9538 WILTZ

World Without Ice @ Oakland University

World Without Ice @ Oakland University

Sept 6-13, 2017

The Multimedia installation “World Without Ice” is exhibited at Oakland University. Michael Gould, Stephen Rush and Marion Tränkle have collaborated with climate scientist Henry Pollack to capture current traces of climate change.


Location: Oakland University, Rochester, MI, 48309, US



How to bridge science and sensitivity, physical reality and the poetry of electronic media?

How to create a situation where all elements on stage relate to each other, and where material is generated such that it owns its own ‘non-intentional’ logic?

Interactive Light

Sensing Movement

Responsive Environments


Feel welcome to contact me with questions, comments, ideas for collaboration, or teaching

requests. I am purposefully bad at using social media, therefore I do not have a twitter or

facebook account.


Email:  mail@mariontraenkle.eu

Phone: +31(6)44578181

Base: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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