The interactive installation The Pulse of the Wait generates number-clouds by chance and utilizes the pendulous movement of  a metronome. It explores the mechanism of our imagination that makes us discover ever changing formations and associations within the abstract.

The installation counts the time of waiting. Through the accumulation of numbers and time, it awaits the audience to interrupt, to reset the metronome, and to restart a new waiting loop – a potentially endless accumulation of numbers and eventual blackening of the image.


30.3. -03.04.2011 Minimal Music Festival Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ

Concept, programming:  Marion Tränkle

Adriaan Wormgoor: Hardware realization

Commissioned by: World Minimal Music Festival Amsterdam


“The ticking and pulsing of clusters of motifs, so characteristic of minimal music, are also reflected in Marion Tränkle’s installation: ‘The PULSE of the WAIT’. Putting a metronome central stage on a pedestal, the work provides a wink in the direction of Gÿorgi Ligeti’sPoème Symphonique for 100 Metronomes’, by generating a constant flow of images via mathematical processes and the ticking of a metronome” 

Review: Sven Schlijper, Gonzo (circus) | Tijdschrift over vernieuwende muziek en cultuur