Never stand still is both a “game world,” using basic game strategies to immerse the audience in an interactive environment, and a “stage” for a dance composition.

Only when the game is played, the dance becomes visible.


A motion tracking system records the movements of the players and translates them into a computational graphical game environment. The players are supported by a game master, who supervises the game as well as digitally manipulates the scenery.


A screen divides the performance spaces into two halves. The game is played in front of the screen, as the players follow the on-screen instruction. Behind the screen the audience can follow on a monitor the generated dance – as a live-stream captured by a hidden pinhole camera monitoring the “game” side of the space.

Each audience member decides whether to game or to watch.

Concept, Game Design, visuals: Marion Tränkle

Software Development: Sander Korteschiel

Performance: Annette Hildebrand, Carsten Rempke, Hillary Blake Firestone

Production: Gasthuis Theatre

Year: 2001

Funding: Never Stand Still is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Presentations: Theatre Gasthuis in Amsterdam, Artefactfestival STUK Leuven