Music for Cello, voice and electronics, performed by cellist Katharina Gross, composed by Arnold Marinissen and Katharina Gross.

The cello box is a poetic micro-theatre with programmable LED light, and walls that open and close like wings. Inside this magical box, the music is joined by led light, composed for each of the songs. Light becomes a lively counterpart of the music.

The Cello Box feels at home in theatres, concert halls, foyers, corridors, attics and basements… it is compact and very movable.


Concept: Marion Tränkle, Katharina Gross, Arnold Marinissen

Cello: Katharina Gross

Composition Cello Songbook: Arnold Marinissen, Katharina Gross

Scenography and Light Art:  Marion Tränkle

Technical design & construction: Anton der Kinderen

Photos and Video: Tom van Klingeren










Year: 2013/14


Funding: Cello Box is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts


29.10.2013 Rotary club Oranjewoud
10.10.2013 opening night  international film festival Rotterdam
05.10.2013 Orgelpark Amsterdam
20.09.2013 Natlab Eindhoven
02.09.2013 Fries Museum Leeuwarden
31.08.2013 Uitmarkt Amsterdam
03.03.2013 Cross Linx festival
08.11.2014 affiche museum hoorn @ kamermuziekfestival hoorn
18-22.10.2014 cello biennale@ muziekgebouw aan ’t ij Amsterdam
04.10.2013 museum für internationale lichtkunst unna germany
16.09.2014 eye Amsterdam
12.09.2014 samadhi dance company @ de meervaart Amsterdam
24.07.2014 auschlössl graz  austria
04-07.6.2014 schouwburg Rotterdam
25.05.2014 landgoedconcerten oranjewoud
24.04.2014 Dies Natalis TU Eindhoven
21.05.2015 bäckerstrasse berlin – galerie für zeitgenössische kunst berlin