Gated Communities is a dance-theatre project by choreographer Nadja Raszewski, developed with eight inmates of the State prison Heilbronn in Germany .

They trained and worked for four weeks with Nadja, developing movements and improvisation scores. The theme of “under control” and the aspects of enclosure and expansion, self-control and and supervision, distrust and trust reappear in the piece, giving it a dimension far beyond the specific situation of the prisoners.


For this occasion, the prison’s gym was transformed into a stage, inviting the audience to enter gated territory.

I developed the scenography and programmed and performed real-time image animations, which were projected on stage props and sports equipment.


08-12.05. 2013 Theater Heilbronn / State Prison Heilbronn

Artistic direction, choreography: Nadja Raszewski

Scenography and video:  Marion Tränkle

Choreographic assistance: Lionel Droguet, Selina Menzel

Performance: Daniel, Haiman, Hakan, Hans-Joerg, Ken Marco, Oliver, Sascha

Music edit: Deniz Deli

Production assistance: Verena Lany

“Vertical lines run in endless rows across a wall of tables. Accompanied by the pulse of everyday noise (closing doors, chattering dishes) they run sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Barcodes that form pattern. Thin and thick rods that proliferate until the entire area is filled and blackened, to slowly thin out again. The prologue, an abstract play with shapes and form by the video artist Marion Tränkle , symbolizes a subjective experience of time, as well as being locked up.”

Review: Leanore Welzin “Schwere Jungs und leichte Muse”. Published: