17 Jun 2018

Open call: workshop “What-if-then” @ WE LIVE HERE Amsterdam

July 9-13, 2018 At this year's WE LIVE HERE Summer Academy in Amsterdam Orion Maxted and I will lead the lab , What-If-Then were we research how technology and the combination of simple rules can build complex participatory performance strategies. If you are interested to participate apply before 24 June 2018. What-If-Then is devised by theatre maker Orion Maxted and media artist Marion Tränkle. What-If-Then brings together practitioners from the performing arts, complexity science, and computer programming to work together based on the most elemental rule of computing: If-Then. In both natural and human-made systems we observe that, when several If-Then rules are combined, it can result in emergence. A famous example is the murmuration of starlings whose complex swarming patterns are thought to derive from the combination of three simple rules. We want to explore the combining of rules for building participatory performance strategies and explore the conditions under which simplicity tips into emergence. The lab  take place from 9 - 13 July 2018 in Amsterdam and is hosted  by BAU Platform for Dance and Performance and Nicole Beutler.   Location: BAU Studio’s Entrepotdok and Dokzaal Plantage Doklaan 8, Amsterdam   See here for a detailed workshop description and information of how to apply.