For the danceperformance Tarot by Tangente Compagny Berlin, I drew -live- with light and colored lines on the skin of the dancers. Body contours dissolve or deform.


The choreography by Nadja Raszewski, creates sculptures and bodyimages in motion. The choreography evolves from the relation between the moving bodies and light in projected color space.

Project website: www.tangentecompany.de/tarot

Artistic direction and choreography: Nadja Raszewski

Scenography: Marion Tränkle

Composition: Michael Gould, Deniz Deli

Dance: Lea Dietrich, Johanna Jörns, Selina Menzel, Bahar Meric, Johannes Schuchardt, Christina Wüstenhagen

Photo credit: Bärbel Högner

29-30.03. 2014 TanzTangente Berlin
04-06.04. 2014 TanzTangente Berlin
18-19.04. 2015 TanzTangente Berlin