28 Mar 2019

Scenography for Gulliver XL, a child’s revolution

February 27, 2019 For Gulliver XL, a dance performance with children from five Amsterdam schools, I collaborated with choreographer Susanne Marx to create the set-design.

Gulliver XL, a child’s revolution is made by children from five Amsterdam primary schools and choreographer Susanne Marx. Together, they dance, tell and fantasize how their own neighborhood might look like in an ideal world.

  Date: February 27th 2019 Time: 19:00 Location: ITA (Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam) Photography: Bas de Brouwer

31 Dec 2018

BLINK..and sync @ come together#4

January 25, 2019 "NOW" (Ivo Bol, Marion Tränkle, Roos van Berkel) present the EEG performance "BLINK ...and sync" at the forth edition of the dance and performance event Come Together in Amsterdam. BLINK..and sync is a performance using eye blinking as a performative tool. It is a part of our research into rhythms and patterns of our body and brain, and conscious and unconscious blinking as indicators of states of mind and different moods. We will perform an experimental score for three people that generates blink instructions with different rhythms and chance variations. The blinks are captured with EEG and translated into a musical piece for light and sound, using the body as the intermediate between two different systems: the score and the performance environment.   COME TOGETHER is a manifesto and a celebration of the many contemporary makers in Amsterdam and a call to come together and work together. During the three festival days, performance makers share insights, develop thought, meet colleagues and present their ideas to the public.   See the entire program of the evening and performance times here.   Date: January 25th 2019 Time: We are performing three times during the evening @ 19:40, 20:45, 21:10 Location: Frascati 4, Nes 63 1012 KD Amsterdam